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Mythic Progression Incoming!!!!

by Carnumba, 13 hours ago

Heroic Achievement Completed

After a lengthy heroic Blackrock Foundry progression period, it's time to kick things into high gear.  

Looking forward to Mythic progression, our kill order will most likely be Beastlord to start, then Ogreogreogre, followed by either Gruul, Hans/Franz, or Kagraz.

Our raid roster has taken a bit of a hit, with us saying farewell to some key members of the raid team.  At this point we are looking for exceptional DPS and healers (another Balance and Resto druid would be amazing).



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About Rogues take zero skill
<Rogues take zero skill>, of Arthas-US, has existed since the dawn of time itself.  Over the years it has been home to some of the greatest individuals in the world! (...of Warcraft.)  RTZS has been a successful raiding guild, a home to one of the best Rated Battleground teams on server, and a refuge for some odd Canadians.  

Looking toward the release of WarloRds of Draenor, the guild raid team's plan is to recruit and maintain a raid roster capable of raiding Heroic and Mythic content.  The PvP team's plan is *insert what they tell me here*.
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