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Heroic Highmaul Mauled

by Carnumba, 3 days ago

Sorcerer King Down!

After a few wipes, we finally finished off the last boss in Heroic Highmaul, Imperator Mar'gok.  It was a clean, old-fashioned, RTZS kill, and with it, the guild is back into the Top 100 guilds on Arthas!  Tonight, we plan on getting the group together to see some Mythic content before Blackrock Foundry hits live servers next Tuesday.

Future plans are to start right into Heroic Blackrock, pick up some more Mythic Highmaul experience, and finally head into Mythic Blackrock.  

As always, we're looking for recruits!  Main needs right now are a full-time tank and some ranged caster DPS.  If you don't fit either of those roles, feel free to apply anyway.  Exceptional applications are always considered.(Children and assholes need not apply.)

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About Rogues take zero skill
<Rogues take zero skill>, of Arthas-US, has existed since the dawn of time itself.  Over the years it has been home to some of the greatest individuals in the world! (...of Warcraft.)  RTZS has been a successful raiding guild, a home to one of the best Rated Battleground teams on server, and a refuge for some odd Canadians.  

Looking toward the release of WarloRds of Draenor, the guild raid team's plan is to recruit and maintain a raid roster capable of raiding Heroic and Mythic content.  The PvP team's plan is *insert what they tell me here*.
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