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Did I Forget to Mention...

by Carnumba, 5 days ago


Like 6 Days Ago...

Heroic Zakuun Kill

So yeah, we downed our eighth boss!  And then we announced it to the world in a timely manner! 

Last night we took some time to go back into normal mode HFC as a guild group to knock out most of the upper spire to practice for heroic progression.  More tier tokens and set bonuses were acquired, and our legendary ring number is climbing slowly but steadily.

As always, WE'RE RECRUITING!  Apply or contact us in-game.

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About Rogues take zero skill
<Rogues take zero skill>, of Arthas-US, has existed since the dawn of time itself.  Over the years it has been home to some of the greatest individuals in the world! (...of Warcraft.)  RTZS has been a successful raiding guild, a home to one of the best Rated Battleground teams on server, and a refuge for some odd Canadians.  

Looking toward the release of WarloRds of Draenor, the guild raid team's plan is to recruit and maintain a raid roster capable of raiding Heroic and Mythic content.  The PvP team's plan is *insert what they tell me here*.
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